Southern SK
August 19, 2005

The Viking and equivalent Newcastle reservoir, contain an active aquifer and gasifer. The gasifer is restricted to the northwestern part of the study area. Although there is no control, the gasifer likely extends further north and is present in Alberta. Gas migrating eastward from Alberta and from the Manitou Gasifer into the Viking aquifer likely cannot move past a sinuous north to south trending line. However, it may be possible to move gas into central and eastern Saskatchewan from local biogenic sources and a source to the south. Smaller Conventional Gas and oil accumulations occur west of the line of no-migration in pools such as at Forgan and Plato. Recharge to the Viking/Newcastle aquifer likely occurs in the Cypress Hills/Wood Mountain area, and possibley in the Estevan area. Flow in the aquifer is northward and eastward through central Saskatchewan to potential discharge areas in the region north of Saskatoon and in the Duck Lake, Rossay Lake area.

Southern SK
T1-44, R30W1-26W3