Halkirk & Westlock, AB
July 31, 2010

This report details the methodology and results for hydrodynamic studies conducted on the Viking Formation at Halkirk (T.40-42, R.12-15W4) and Westlock (T.59-63,R.25W4-4W5). Preexisting oil and gas pools were first identified using production data plotted on Pressure/Elevation (PE) graphs. Once fluid gradients for the oil and gas pools and surrounding aquifers were interpreted, similarities and differences between gradients from different pools were observed, and hydrocarbon and water gradients were separated into hydrodynamic systems. Hydrodynamic pool boundaries were then determined using a mix of production, pressure, fluid recovery, water chemistry and Viking geologic data.

Halkirk & Westlock, AB
T40-42, R12-15W4 , T59-63, R25W4-4W5