Corbett, Demay & Amisk, AB
December 31, 2007

Knowing if the Upper Mannville Coals are connected to an extensive aquifer is important from the point of view of gas content and access to downdip gas window source rocks when the coals have a low level of thermal maturity as is the case at Corbett and Demay and particularly at Amisk. Hydrogeology directly impacts dewatering, rate inclines and water disposal. Therefore, understanding if the aquifer is dynamic, if the coals are isolated by aquitards and knowing the transmissivity distribution in the aquifer is very important. The salinity and ion composition of the aquifer will directly impact water disposal and treatment for scaling, and, therefore, have an impact on production costs. Some of these issues, for example aquifer continuity, the dynamic nature of the aquifers, water composition and salinity, aquitard competency and source rocks and gas migration are addressed in this study. Other issues such as gas source, scaling and aquifer transmissivity require further study.

Corbett, Demay & Amisk, AB
T36-67, R4W4-8W5