Willesden Green–Joffre/Twining, AB
July 25, 2017

Does the Southern Duvernay Oil Play have room to expand? 612 sections (that’s 17 townships) posted for upcoming land sales certainly suggests it does. Although earlier land grabs focused on the 3 million acre East Shale Basin fairway, the sparsely drilled 1.2 million acre West Shale Basin oil fairway just started to sizzle. With land sale prices on the rise, the potential for low cost entry is rapidly disappearing. To help our clients evaluate these emerging opportunities Canadian Discovery has leveraged its extensive knowledge and expertise on the Duvernay to provide ready-to-use insights. 

Phase II now available.


Willesden Green–Joffre/Twining, AB
T28-55, R18W4–8W5