Montney – South Subcrop

Karr, AB
Geomechanics is one of the keys to drilling Montney horizontal wells in the Deep Basin at Karr, AB. In this study, a geomechanical model was developed to determine safe drilling mud weight...
Technical Study
May 1, 2014
AB & Northeastern BC
This study consists of Deep-Cut Yield maps for C3+ (Propane) and C5+ (Pentane). Data, which indicate the theoretically-possible maximum yield from an interval at a deep-cut gas plant, were...
Technical Study
January 29, 2014
Galleon Energy
Montney subcrop gas well discovers new pool (IP 3.0 mmcf/d - 1.2 bcf first-year production).
Significant Well
April 30, 2010
RMP Energy
Montney Hz oil well extends multi-well pool (IP 279 bopd - 33.9 mbbls first-year cum).
Significant Well
June 30, 2011