Exshaw Resource Oil

Ferguson, AB
Granite Oil is reinjecting produced gas to improve oil recovery at Ferguson.
Digest Spark
August 31, 2016
Branch, AB
Log and core data for the vertical section of a horizontal well projected to Total Depth (TD) in the Devonian Big Valley (Wabamun) Formation were analyzed to calculate Total Organic Carbon...
Technical Study
July 21, 2015
Sunburst, AB
This study is a petrophysical analysis of the Mississippian Lower Banff Formation from the vertical pilot hole of a horizontal well drilled in 2015 at Sunburst in southern Alberta. The...
Technical Study
June 11, 2015
Pearce/Penny/Kipp, AB
Kainai’s 10-3 well extends the Alberta Bakken trend to the south.
Digest Spark
May 27, 2015
Del Bonita, AB
Until recently, drilling in Del Bonita targeted oil pools in Rundle Group carbonates along a transverse fault. Recent exploration activity in Glacier County, Montana immediately south of...
Technical Study
April 14, 2010
Western Canada
The Exshaw Formation consists of a lower black shale member (equivalent to the lower Bakken shale in Saskatchewan and the Williston Basin) and an upper siltstone member (equivalent to the...
Technical Study
March 31, 2011
DeeThree Exploration
Young “Alberta Bakken” pool continues to expand through multiple pay zones.
Significant Well
November 27, 2014
A Continuation of the Williston Basin Bakken Phenomenon?
Since 2005, production from the Devonian/Mississippian Bakken Formation in the Williston Basin has enhanced the economies of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana and North Dakota, making North...
Exploration Review
April 30, 2012
Murphy Oil
Exshaw Resource Oil well at Blood is most westerly and first-on-stream of operators' development program.
Significant Well
June 30, 2012
TORC Oil & Gas
Banff at Penny - Positive results from increased fluid volumes, gel loading and ceramic proppant.
Significant Well
April 30, 2013