Blueberry, Stoddart & Eagle, BC
August 31, 1995

RPCL’s Permo-Carboniferous hydrogeology study provides an exploration-oriented hydrodynamic and geologic evaluation of the Belloy, Taylor Flat, Kiskatinaw, and Debolt formations. Detailed models of the Boundary Belloy gas field , the Blueberry Debolt oil field, and the Stoddart and Eagle Belloy oil fields are provided. The study defines trap types, reservoir development, and hydrocarbon emplacement mechanisms for each of these accumulations. The regional hydrogeology, in combination with a detailed understanding of existing fields, is then used to identify future exploration prospects. Many of the proposed prospects are located on crown land, with reserve potentials of up to 50 mm bbls of oil and 60 bcf of gas.

Blueberry, Stoddart & Eagle, BC
T78-88, R13-26W6, 093-O, 094-A, 094-B