Western AB
January 31, 2011

The Nordegg Member of the Jurassic Fernie Formation transitions from overpressured Deep Basin to a normally-pressured setting updip. In the intervening areas where Nordegg source rocks are thermally mature for oil, the potential exists for an areally extensive, continuous, oil resource play. Bypassed, interbedded calcerous sandstones and organic rich shales provide significant OOIP storage capacity. Deliverability and EUR are highlighted by a number of significant vertical wells in the fairway. Subsurface stress and pore pressure are two factors that are increasingly recognized for their role in successful resource play exploitation. When these factors are coupled with geochemistry, geology and hydrodynamics, a powerful scoping tool is developed. The primary objective for this regional project was to identify the most geomechanically prospective fairways for the Nordegg tight oil resource play.

Western AB
T45-90, R1W5-13W6