Montney Underpressured Fairway: Water Analysis Project

West-Central Alberta
April 27, 2021

PROPOSED STUDY. NOW MARKETING. Produced water handling has become an increasingly important part of managing operating costs and maintaining profitability. This is particularly important in the Montney Formation as the play transitions from the overpressured gas-saturated part of the Deep Basin into the underpressured oil-dominated fairway.

This study strives to determine the key controls on the transition zone, combining reservoir characterization and fluid dynamics data to avoid and de-risk water production. Quantifiable water chemistry data interpretation methods and flowback fluid chemical profiling techniques will provide a better understanding of the downhole geochemical interactions between the reservoir, formation fluids, drill fluids and fracturing fluids in the Montney Formation.

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West-Central AB
T60-82, R23W5-13W6