AB & Northeastern BC
April 30, 2010

The Montney ‘tight gas’ play has become one of the hottest resource plays in the WCSB. Horizontal drilling and multi-stage frac technology have been key to unlocking the resources and placing the Montney in the top three most economic resource plays in North America. Industry analysts estimate upward of 5,000 horizontal wells will be drilled in the upcoming decades, with a Capex approaching $30 billion.

Some of the more important geotechnical questions are:

  • What are the controls on reservoir development and how do you predict sweetspots?
  • What is the effective porosity and hydrocarbon saturation?
  • What is the original gas in place (OGIP) and potential ultimate recovery?

The objective of this study is to define facies types, trends, reservoir characteristics and controls, as well as determining the role of pre-Triassic and intra-Montney structure on facies and thickness trends.

AB & Northeastern BC
T70-91, R10-25W6, 093-O,P, 094-A,B