Regional Heritage, BC & Glacier, AB
July 1, 2013

The study comprises detailed petrophysical analyses of 21 wells in the Montney Formation to assist in defining the benefits of utilizing energized fracs in Montney horizontal wells in this area. The objective of the study is to estimate lithology, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), effective porosity (Ø eff), water saturation (Sw), Pyrite volume, pyrite-corrected resistivity and corrected water saturation. The project was executed in two phases. Phase I involved the detailed analysis of five key wells selected for log types and geographic spread within the study area. The petrophysical models were developed during previous CDL Montney studies such as the Montney Tight Gas Project (MTGP) and Montney Gas Liquids Project (MGLP). Phase II (also included in this presentation) uses the detailed petrophysical model developed in Phase I, and applies these curve analyses to enable the processing of subsequent logs in a batch-processing mode.

Regional Heritage, BC & Glacier, AB
T74-85, R12-25W6