Montney Hydrodynamics Project III

AB & Northeastern BC
June 28, 2018

STUDY IN PROGRESS. As over 3,500 wells have been drilled in the Montney since 2014, and liquids-rich fairways have expanded, Canadian Discovery is updating our 2014 Montney Hydrodynamics study. The new release will include:

  • Updated hydrodynamics and geothermics
  • Updated fluid chemistry mapping (TDS, C2+ WGI, H2S and API)
  • A focus on liquid fairways and recent development within the Lower Montney

The updated pressure, geothermics, and fluid chemistry mapping will be related to current production trends to come up with an integrated overall picture of fluid dynamics in the Montney.

As in the past, CDL Hydrodynamics can provide fresh insights on these trends, the controlling factors and potential new fairways. Ultimately this study will help operators with development planning, reservoir management, and evaluating A&D opportunities. Contact us today to take advantage of the early-bird discount price!

AB & Northeastern BC
T45-115, R14W5-26W6, 093-O,P, 094-A,B,G,H,I,J