AB & Northeastern BC
March 10, 2015

Converting 10% of Montney resources to reserves will require thousands of horizontal wells, infrastructure and billions of invested capital. Since CDL's first Montney regional hydrodynamics study was completed in 2008, thousands more horizontal wells have been drilled on the play, which significantly increased the available data. The updated study provides:

  • Greater resolution of the Deep Basin edge and new trend areas
  • Insight into the Northern Montney in British Columbia and the Deep Basin Montney in Alberta, which were virtually untested in 2008, and have become two of the most active areas on the play
  • Greater resolution of pressure, temperature and liquids trends that help to define sweet spots

The study focuses solely on Montney hydrothermics and covers the entire play.

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AB & Northeastern BC
T45-115, R14W5-26W6, 093-O,P, 094-A,B,G,H,I,J