Groundbirch, BC
May 27, 2008

Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) conducted a geological, geophysical, and hydrodynamic evaluation of the Triassic Montney potential on the May 21, 2008 land sale parcels at Groundbirch, British Columbia. This report delivers a general description of the geological framework and a preliminary hydrodynamic evaluation of the Montney potential in the land sale area. The Montney evaluation was based on petrophysical analyses for 43 wells, detailed sample descriptions for 4 wells, and the geophysical interpretation of a 16 km 2D (trade) seismic line. CDL also conducted a hydrodynamic evaluation of the Triassic Montney and Doig sequences, which was based on 2 drillstem tests (DSTs) and 156 absolute open flow (AOF) tests.

Groundbirch, BC
T78-82, R18-22W6