West-Central AB
November 30, 2012

This study provides an in-depth overview of reservoir characterization, facies and structure, geochemistry, hydrodynamics, and petrophysics as pertains to the Montney Formation in Alberta. The core-based geological component of the MGLP study was built on descriptions, photography and sampling of cores in 55 wells, with cumulative length of described core of 1232.5m. Hydrodynamics were analyzed using pressure data screened for insufficient buildup, poor extrapolation and the effects of nearby production/injection. Petrophysical quantification of TOC content using the Passey-Schmoker method yields a stratigraphic distribution of TOC % over the study area. The petrophysical analysis of the Montney includes 198 wells with basic log suites. Fifteen wells with spectral gamma ray logs were selected as key wells to develop the petrophysical model.

West-Central AB
T55-75, R23W5-13W6