Swan Hills, AB to Beaver River, BC
August 1, 2012
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An understanding of the hydrodynamics of the Devonian Wabamun and Mississippian Banff formations in this area of northern Alberta and northeastern British Columbia is an important preliminary process in evaluating the region for its hydrocarbon resource potential in those zones. Primary considerations in this study’s interpretation were an explanation of over- and underpressuring in the Eaglesham/Tangent area, identification of possible pervasive hydrocarbon saturation, and the phase of those saturated areas. That process resulted in the identification of the existence of six hydrodynamic terranes. Deliverables include location, structure, production, oil gravity, DST recovery, salinity, potentiometric surface and Wet Gas Index maps, and stratigraphic and structural cross-sections. The authors recommend that this hydrodynamic evaluation be followed-up by a full analysis of the hydrodynamic setting, source rock composition and maturity, reservoir characterization, stress setting and geomechanical properties.


Swan Hills, AB to Beaver River, BC
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