Tommy Lakes, BC–Elmworth, AB
A high level look at the Doig suggests several potentially liquids-rich areas could benefit from the application of modern drilling and completions technologies.
Digest Spark
December 6, 2017
West Central AB
The objective of the FCMU-2 study was to better understand the causes of induced seismicity (IS) related to fracturing operations in the Duvernay. This project maps the stress setting of...
Technical Study
February 1, 2017
West Central AB
This project updates the stress mapping of the Devonian Duvernay in west-central Alberta that was done for CDL’s 2014 Duvernay Gas Liquids and Geomechanics Project (DVRN). The objective...
Technical Study
February 1, 2017
Western Canada
Do you have a need to understand where the frac sand market is heading and the key drivers? Are you investing in oil field services companies that supply frac sand and fluids or companies...
Technical Study
March 16, 2017
Southern Peace River Block, Northeastern BC
Variability in stress orientation in the Montney in the southern Peace River Block is investigated in this structurally complex area of NEBC. Structuring could rotate the in situ stress,...
Technical Study
September 1, 2015
Hanlan, West-Central AB
Phase I of this two-phase geomechanical study evaluates the extent to which drilling problems that have historically affected Wilrich horizontal wells are geomechanical in nature. Drilling...
Technical Study
June 30, 2015
Kakwa, AB
This project provides a geomechanical assessment of a Montney horizontal well in the Deep Basin at Kakwa, AB. The results of the analysis may be used as inputs to design optimal mud weights...
Technical Study
February 11, 2015
A Comparison of Stratigraphic Units
Canadian Discovery Ltd. analysis reveals how geology, activity and completions influence production and economics at Swan Lake.
Resource Play Overview
November 19, 2015
Kakwa, AB
Stimulation procedures and materials and their effects on productivity and well quality were evaluated in this active Triassic Montney area that is still in an early stage of development....
Technical Study
June 27, 2014
AB & Northeastern BC
This study consists of Deep-Cut Yield maps for C3+ (Propane) and C5+ (Pentane). Data, which indicate the theoretically-possible maximum yield from an interval at a deep-cut gas plant, were...
Technical Study
January 29, 2014