Light Oil

AB, SK, MB, Montana & North Dakota
Different oil migration patterns for Mississippian oil in the Western Plains Region of North America are the result of changes in source area, structure, oil gravity, permeability, and...
Technical Study
May 31, 1999
Little Horse, AB
This project aims to determine whether hydrodynamic effects play an active role in displacing or flushing oil preferentially in some portions of the study area.
Technical Study
June 30, 1999
Del Bonita, AB
Until recently, drilling in Del Bonita targeted oil pools in Rundle Group carbonates along a transverse fault. Recent exploration activity in Glacier County, Montana immediately south of...
Technical Study
April 14, 2010
Halkirk, AB
The Halkirk posting area lies between or overlies the Killam Barrier Reef on the east and the Stettler Leduc Reef to the west. The exploration activity for the Devonian intervals was...
Technical Study
April 30, 2010
AB & Northeastern BC
The Lower Triassic Montney Formation of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin was deposited in a structurally active basin, influenced by west coast aridity, easterly winds and...
Technical Study
March 13, 2009
AB & Northeastern BC
The Montney Formation is composed of sedimentary facies that range from distal shoreface siltstones to shoreface-associated, very fine-grained sandstones, with numerous turbidite complexes...
Technical Study
September 30, 2008
West Pembina/Brazeau, AB
This study determines the relationship between structural trends within the Nisku Formation's Cynthia Member and hrydrodynamic and hydrochemical patterns. A regional hydrodynamic and...
Technical Study
October 31, 1994
West Stoddart, BC
This study determines the proven and potential gas resources and the gas chemistry of the Baldonnel, Charlie Lake, Halfway/Doig, Belloy, Kiskatinaw and Debolt formations in the vicinityof...
Technical Study
April 30, 1998
Elswick, SK
Through regional work conducted by RPCL it is clear that much of the Mississippian strata in southern Saskatchewan occurs within a dynamic flow system. The presence of this dynamic system...
Technical Study
June 30, 1998
Central AB
Nisku regional reconnaissance in central Alberta was done with the objective to obtain a better understanding of Nisku sequences and facies along the Nisku margin to the east and north of...
Technical Study
October 31, 1997