Light Oil

West-Central AB
Oil discoveries in the Beaverhill Lake Sandstone trend in the Puskwaskau area of west-central Alberta in 2005 extended the established Normandville-Girouxville East pools to the southwest....
Technical Study
May 30, 2007
Southwestern SK & AB
The hydrocarbon potential of the Mississippian Bakken Formation was evaluated in SE Alberta and SW Saskatchewan. A total of 1,459 wells and 77 cores were correlated and the Bakken was...
Technical Study
August 30, 1996
North Dakota
Despite the Bakken having been long recognized as one of the richest source rocks for oil and gas in North America, numerous questions remain about the character of the reservoir, the...
Technical Study
November 30, 2008
Southeastern SK
The lower Bakken / Exshaw interval has long been recognized as one of the richest source rocks for oil and gas in North America. While a mid-Bakken conventional sandstone play has been...
Technical Study
March 29, 2008
Graham, Birch & Jedney, BC
The Baldonnel Formation in the Graham - Birch - Jedney area of northeast British Columbia has major accumulations of natural gas in structural and stratigraphic traps. Oil was discovered at...
Technical Study
November 30, 1996
Little Horse, AB
The objective of the project was to determine the potential for, and extent of, tilted oil/water contacts and trap flushing due to hydrodynamic flow. This project was set up as a trial of...
Technical Study
June 23, 2000
Sturgeon Lake South, AB
The Sturgeon Lake South D3 oil pool was discovered in 1953 and has been assigned OOIP of 308 MM Bbl, and OGIP of 330 BCF. The pool was initially developed at an 80-acre spacing through the...
Technical Study
December 31, 2001
Stolberg, Brazeau & Pembina, AB
The study examines the hydrocarbon exploration and development potential of the Mississippian Elkton Member and the Shunda and Pekisko Formations across the Minnehik - Buck Lake Field and a...
Technical Study
December 31, 1998
Cessford/Burstall, AB & SK
This study summarizes the findings of a hydrodynamic investigation of the Basal Colorado to Mississippian section and determines the relationship between oil quality, hydrodynamics and...
Technical Study
October 31, 1996
Napinka, MB
Petrophysical analyses of two wells that lie between Manitoba'a Waskada and Daly fields. Canadian Discovery's Manitoba and North Dakota Spearfish Oil Project methodology was followed.
Technical Study
May 31, 2012