Light Oil

Edson, AB
This geomechanics study updates a previous Cretaceous Second White Specks study (BSPC II) with results and insights from the 5-13-56-13W5 well. As in the previous study, the update reviewed...
Technical Study
December 19, 2014
Wapiti, AB
The hydrodynamics of the Cretaceous Cardium in the Wapiti area of the Alberta Deep Basin was updated from a 2002 study using industry pressure, temperature and gas liquids data to June...
Technical Study
June 17, 2015
Branch, AB
Log and core data for the vertical section of a horizontal well projected to Total Depth (TD) in the Devonian Big Valley (Wabamun) Formation were analyzed to calculate Total Organic Carbon...
Technical Study
July 21, 2015
Sunburst, AB
This study is a petrophysical analysis of the Mississippian Lower Banff Formation from the vertical pilot hole of a horizontal well drilled in 2015 at Sunburst in southern Alberta. The...
Technical Study
June 11, 2015
Ferrier/Willesden Green/Pembina/Brazeau River, AB
This geomechanical analysis is of the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks, an interval that has produced large volumes of hydrocarbons from numerous wells in this west-central Alberta...
Technical Study
March 3, 2014
Big Catch, B’y
Thirty years after the giant Hibernia discovery in the shallow waters of the Jeanne d’Arc Basin off the Newfoundland coast, the deepwater realm is yielding its first discoveries in...
Exploration Review
April 21, 2016
Karr, AB
Geomechanics is one of the keys to drilling Montney horizontal wells in the Deep Basin at Karr, AB. In this study, a geomechanical model was developed to determine safe drilling mud weight...
Technical Study
May 1, 2014
Grande Prairie, AB
Understand drilling problems encountered in the Jurassic Fernie Group while drilling a Montney horizontal oil well at Cornwall, AB. This geomechanical study is an analysis of in situ...
Technical Study
October 27, 2014
Gaspésie, QC
Mundiregina Resources is looking for partners to drill onshore Gaspésie, touting its leases as the “Next Canadian Energy Frontier” underlain by the “Largest Undrilled Structure in...
Digest Spark
September 30, 2015
Are There Stars Below the Bakken?
Production from the Mississippian/Devonian Bakken and Torquay/Three Forks zones in the Williston Basin has increased almost exponentially with the introduction of modern drilling and...
Exploration Review
September 24, 2015