Light Oil

Kaybob, Fox Creek & Pedigree, AB & NEBC
This project contains a head map, a pressure versus elevation graph and a drill stem test recovery map for the Triassic Montney Reservoir in the study area. The Montney Formation has been...
Technical Study
February 28, 2003
Manyberries, AB
This study includes DST Recovery maps and Pressure vs. Elevation graphs for the Cretaceous Cantuar Formation and its McCloud Member, the Cretaceous Taber sandstone, the...
Technical Study
June 30, 1996
Greater Macoun, SK
This study is split into two parts, one part encompassing a large regional study area, where a more general hydrodynamic interpretation was conducted, with the other part being a smaller...
Technical Study
February 28, 2010
Sylvan Lake, AB
This study is a geomechanical analysis of the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks at Sylvan Lake using data collected in the 100/04-04-038-04W5/00 vertical pilot hole and...
Technical Study
April 1, 2013
Progress, AB
The primary focus of the study is to determine the viability of using hydrodynamic techniques such as reservoir continuity and production induced pressure drawdown analysis as an aid for...
Technical Study
November 9, 1999
Wimborne, AB
This project aims to create a database of available Lower Mannville DSTs and to create a PE graph and DST recovery map. Drillstem tests that and pressures are correlated to picks. Due to...
Technical Study
May 29, 1998
Penhold-Three Hills, AB
This study includes a compilation of hydrodynamic maps for the Viking Formation in T. 35-37, R. 24-28W4M and T. 34, R. 24W4M. The tests were confined along two SW and NE trends, with...
Technical Study
March 25, 1999
Widewater & Little Horse, AB
The area of interest, T. 66-74, R. 1-9W5, incorporates the Mitsue Field, a major stratigraphic trap, as well as an under-explored fairway west of Mitsue. Traps in the area consist of...
Technical Study
August 31, 1995
Cardnuff, SK
The objective of this study is to conduct a detailed hydrodynamic analysis of the Carnduff area by constructing potentiometric surface and formation water chemistry maps, as well as...
Technical Study
January 31, 1998
Teepee & Parkland, AB
The main objective of this study is to correlate Wabamun hydrodynamics and hydrochemical framework in the Peace River Arch to those of the underlying Nisku, Leduc, and Beaverhill Lake...
Technical Study
January 31, 1996