Heavy Oil

Marten Hills/Nipisi, AB
The Clearwater has rapidly emerged as one of the top oil plays in the WCSB. The fairway spans 400 km of north-central Alberta, from Jarvie through Marten Hills to Golden. Clearwater...
Technical Study
March 26, 2020
Marten Hills/Nipisi, AB
CDL has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the Clearwater oil play. The Clearwater Oil Play Information Package illustrates the relationships between different producing...
Technical Study
October 1, 2019
Marten Hills/Nipisi, AB
The Clearwater cold flow heavy oil play at Marten Hills and Nipisi has evolved rapidly in four years from a series of interesting land sales to producing over 14,000 bopd.
Digest Spark
September 17, 2019
Peace River–Sawn Lake, AB
A group of September 25, 2019 Alberta land sale postings in the north-central part of the province are the largest since December 2017 and may signal renewed activity and a future expansion...
Digest Spark
August 20, 2019
Hazy with Periods of Sunshine
The 2017 activity summary for Western Canada reviews drilling, production, completions and land sale results. The focus is on the five most active plays—Montney, Spirit River, Cardium,...
Exploration Review
January 24, 2018
Peace River–Athabasca, AB
Large oil sands parcels posted for an upcoming Alberta Land Sale are a hopeful sign for future growth in both the Athabasca and Peace River regions.
Digest Spark
November 8, 2017
Managing Oilfield Waste
Drilling, completion and production operations generate a variety of wastes including produced fluids, produced sand and contaminated soil. This article provides an overview of the handling...
Technology Update
October 19, 2017
Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Can the oil potential of the eastern side of the WCSB offer similar rewards to the gas potential of the western side of the basin?
Digest Spark
March 1, 2017
Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
How do the production metrics from wells on-stream in 2015–2016 compare on a zone-by-zone basis?
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February 15, 2017
BlackPearl Resources
BlackPearl’s Grand Rapids SAGD pilot program at Blackrod (Portage) achieved over 600 bopd in both wells drilled. The operator awaits approval of its commercial development plan for a...
Significant Well
September 22, 2016