Del Bonita, AB
April 14, 2010

Until recently, drilling in Del Bonita targeted oil pools in Rundle Group carbonates along a transverse fault. Recent exploration activity in Glacier County, Montana immediately south of the Del Bonita parcels for the April 21, 2010 land sale appears to have identified a play similar to the Exshaw/Three Forks in North Dakota. Migration, hydrodynamic, and geochemical modeling indicates that the Exshaw through Stettler interval in the Del Bonita area:

  • lies within an oil migration pathway,
  • is overpressured with DST recoveries very similar in nature to those in the Williston Basin Exshaw play,
  • has a very strong potential for the generation of in-situ oil.

The parcels appear to have been posted in a west to east trend flanking the Del Bonita structure. This would appear to be an attempt to isolate the lands with the highest potential of thicker reservoir units. Lands to the east of the structural high are the most prospective for Exshaw and Big Valley accumulations. The area west of the Del Bonita structure is almost exclusively prospective for the Arcs Formation. Secondary oil potential has been identified in the Second White Specks Formation. Secondary gas potential has been identified in the Milk River Formation.

Del Bonita, AB
T1-10, R16-28W4