Grand Cache, AB
January 31, 2008

This study presents hydrogeologic data and interpretations of the foreland strata from the base of the Nikanassin Formation to the top of the Dunvegan in west-central Alberta. It is an extension of a previous study entitled "Phase I – Regional Hydrogeology of the Deep Basin, Cardium to Cadomin, West-Central Alberta" (DBGR). The intent of the study is to develop a hydrostratigraphic framework for the Deep Basin, define zones of potentially gas-charged reservoir continuity, describe the methodologies used and include data sources, quality assessments, quality coding, data management and data interpretation criteria. This study focuses on the hydrodynamics of each unit, and the results are presented in drillstem test (DST) recovery maps and pressure versus elevation graphs.

Grand Cache, AB
T57-66, R5-14W6