West-Central AB
January 31, 2002

Hydrogeologic data and interpretations of the foreland strata from the base of the Mannville to the top of the Cardium in the Deep Basin in west-central Alberta are presented with the intent to develop a hydrostratigraphic framework for the Deep Basin, to develop an understanding of the genetics and dynamics of the Deep Basin along its updip edge, and to define zones of potentially gas-charged reservoir continuity. The results of the study includes two montages that describe a genetic model of the Deep Basin. As well, each hydrostratigraphic unit is described by three map suites as follows:

  • Hydrogeology: Water and Gas Head Map, Pressure versus Elevation Graph and Water Salinity (TDS) Map. Pool outlines and extensions, aquifers, and Deep Basin edges are shown.
  • DST: DST Recovery Map (includes all DSTs and AOFs), A-C Quality DST Recovery Map and Pressure versus Elevation Graph.
  • Chemistry: CO2, API Gravity, and Wet Gas Index Maps.

The intent of this report is to describe the methodologies used in the study as well as data sources; quality assessment; and quality coding, data management and data interpretation criteria.

West-Central AB
T39-76, R27W4-13W6, 093-I,P