Foster Creek, AB
October 31, 1999

The scope of the study was to map the hydraulic head and water chemistry distributions in the major (non-Quaternary) aquifers in the study area. The aquifers evaluated were the Grand Rapids, Clearwater, Wabiskaw/Upper McMurray and Basal McMurray/Devonian. After compilation of the pressure data for the project was complete, it was determined that the data amount and distribution necessitated redefining the aquifer units for the study. Therefore, the hydraulic head was mapped for the: Viking, Colony "A" Sand, Colony "B" Sand, Grand Rapids, Clearwater "A" Sand, Clearwater "B" Sand, Wabiskaw and McMurray. Data amounts, distribution and variability only allowed the water chemistry to be evaluated for three combined aquifers: the Colony Sands, Clearwater Sands, and Grand Rapids and the Wabiskaw/McMurray Zone. The dataset used in this evaluation consisted of pressures and water analyses from wells in the area. Pressures were acquired from 248 drillstem tests (DSTs) and 569 absolute open flow (AOF) well tests. 157 water analyses were acquired from Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd.’s (RPCL) GeoFluids database of oilfield fluid samples.

Foster Creek, AB
T68-73, R2-6W4