Nig/Stoddart, BC
December 31, 1999

This study evaluates the geology and hydrogeology of the Triassic Baldonnel Formation in the Jedney, Laprise Creek, Nig Creek, and West Stoddart areas of northeastern British Columbia. The evaluation was conducted in two phases. Phase I was a regional stratigraphic and core examination study over a large area where the Baldonnel is prospective. Phase II involved detailed geological and hydrogeological analysis at Nig Creek and West Stoddart. Seismic interpretation of the structure on the Baldonnel was used to help elucidate the geology and hydrogeology. The primary goals of the study were to:

  • Determine the porosity and permeability distribution as they relate to various Baldonnel facies.
  • Determine hydrodynamics and its role in trapping.
  • Determine stratigraphic and structural trapping mechanisms.
  • Identify new play leads.
Nig/Stoddart, BC
T84-88, R14-25W6, 094-A, 094-H