This study evaluates the potential for ‘basin-centered style’ gas-trapping within the Tertiary Wasatch and Fort Union and Upper Cretaceous Lance and Mesaverde stratigraphic units within...
Technical Study
February 7, 2006
Red Earth, Otter & Evi, AB
This study provides a consistent and integrated analysis of the structural, depositional and hydrodynamic controls on oil entrapment in the middle Devonian Granite Wash, Keg River and...
Technical Study
June 30, 1993
Surmont, AB
The scope of this study is to map the hydraulic head and water chemistry distributions in all the major (non-Quaternary) aquifers in the study area. The aquifers to be evaluated were the...
Technical Study
April 27, 2000
Western Canada
The Hydrocarbon Chemistry Atlas of Western Canada (HAWC) represents the most comprehensive study of regional oil gravity and natural gas chemistry variations ever compiled for the Western...
Technical Study
January 10, 1998
Herronton, AB
This study evaluates the hydrocarbon potential of the Belly River Formation over nine townships in the Herronton area by developing a sequence stratigraphic framework for the basal Belly...
Technical Study
November 30, 1996
Claresholm, AB
This study evaluates the hydrocarbon reserve potential of the Belly River Group in the Claresholm area of southwestern Alberta using geological and hydrogeological data. This study aims to...
Technical Study
November 30, 1997
South-Central AB
This study includes a compilation of hydrodynamic maps for the Upper Mannville Coal Zone in the proposed study area of T. 32-67, R. 10W4-18W5.
Technical Study
January 31, 2004
Little Horse, AB
This project aims to determine whether hydrodynamic effects play an active role in displacing or flushing oil preferentially in some portions of the study area.
Technical Study
June 30, 1999
Simonette, AB
This study includes a compilation of hydrodynamic maps for Dunvegan Formation in the area T. 63-65, R. 26W5-1W6.
Technical Study
February 28, 2005
Twining, AB
DST data for the Pekisko Formation in the Twining Area of southern Alberta is reviewed.
Technical Study
April 30, 2002