Western SK
This project determines the likelihood of petroleum migration into sub-Mississippian (Nisku/Birdbear-Leduc/Duperow) strata in west-central Saskatchewan. This study includes the...
Technical Study
May 31, 1997
Monchy, SK and Bowdoin, Montana
The Milk River reservoir in the Monchy-Bowdoin area has low to fair permeability and has produced mainly water, mud and gas-cut mud from drillstem tests. Only one DST flowed gas to surface....
Technical Study
October 31, 2005
West-Central AB
This study includes a compilation of geochemical and hydrodynamic maps and PE graphs for the Devonian Nisku Formation in west-central Alberta.
Technical Study
January 31, 1991
Cutbank Ridge, BC
This study includes a series of DST recovery maps and PE graphs for the Paddy/Cadotte, Bluesky and Cadomin formations in the Cutbank Ridge area of northeastern British Columbia.
Technical Study
January 31, 2001
West-Central AB
Hydrogeologic data and interpretations of the foreland strata from the base of the Mannville to the top of the Cardium in the Deep Basin in west-central Alberta are presented with the...
Technical Study
January 31, 2002
Trutch & Fort Nelson, BC
This study presents a hydrogeological evaluation of the Debolt Formation in the Trutch and Fort Nelson areas of northeastern British Columbia. The purpose of the evaluation is to produce a...
Technical Study
June 30, 1990
Jocelyn Creek, AB
This study was carried out to support a reservoir simulation model. In this study, a geological/stratigraphic model was created for the McMurray Rerservoir. Thirty-five selected wells were...
Technical Study
August 27, 2004
Northern Montana
The goal of this study is to identify the US equivalents of Canadian stratigraphic units that host pervasive biogenic gas systems. This identification is accomplished by constructing a...
Technical Study
December 31, 2004
Northern Montana
An unconventional log analysis test was done on 23 wells in the Milk River Formation of northern Montana, with the entire Milk River interval treated as a single zone. The Milk River is a...
Technical Study
March 3, 2005
Valhalla/Sturgeon Lake, AB
This study provides a preliminary hydrodynamic database, DST base maps and P/E graphs for the Dunvegan and Peace River zones and their stratigraphic equivalents within the study area.
Technical Study
April 20, 2000