Edson, Bigoray & Whitecourt, AB
This study was conducted to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of Mississippian-aged Elkton, Shunda, and Pekisko strata in central Alberta. It is a continuation and extension to the north...
Technical Study
February 29, 2000
West-Central AB
The uppermost Cretaceous and Tertiary in west-central Alberta are geologically unique gas exploration targets. New reserves typically occur at shallow depths between 175 and 1,000m and at...
Technical Study
February 28, 2003
South Central SK
This study area extends from T. 1-16,R. 15W2 - 15W3 and covers the stratigraphic section between the ground surface and a depth of approximately 1,000m section. This includes the Judith...
Technical Study
April 8, 1996
Cessford/Burstall, AB & SK
This study summarizes the findings of a hydrodynamic investigation of the Basal Colorado to Mississippian section and determines the relationship between oil quality, hydrodynamics and...
Technical Study
October 31, 1996
Jenner/Suffield, AB
This study investigates the role of hydrodynamics as a tilt-causing mechanism in Glauconitic sandstone oil pools in the Jenner-Suffield area. An integrated hydrodynamic evaluation of the...
Technical Study
August 31, 2000
West Central SK
Oil gravities in the Mannville section of west-central Saskatchewan range from 10 to 20 API. Uncertainties associated with the quality of oil likely encountered in a given play type, zone...
Technical Study
June 30, 1996
Swan Hills, AB
This study investigates multiple hydrogeologic components of the Lower Mannville Bluesky and Ellerslie Formations in the Swan Hills area of northwestern Alberta. The hydrodynamic evaluation...
Technical Study
March 31, 1998
Sikanni/Buckinghorse/Grassy, BC
A hydrogeological study of the Debolt reservoir in the SIkanni-Buckinghorse-Grassy area was completed to determine the reason for the generally low recovery factors (50% to 60%) for Debolt...
Technical Study
May 30, 2002
Ladyfern, Buick Creek & Bubbles, BC
This study focusses on updating an existing study with recently released well data and integrating it with seismic and geology data. The study area size was reduced to focus on the Buick...
Technical Study
June 13, 2005
Sunset, AB
This study includes a compilation of DST recovery maps and pressure vs elevation graphs for the Bluesky Formation in the Sunset area.
Technical Study
April 30, 1998