This project studies the influence of hydrodynamics on the migration and preservation of oil in the Maranon Basin of Peru. Paleo and present oil migration pathways are mapped to identify...
Technical Study
January 31, 2003
The Murzuk Basin of southwest Libya is one of several incratonic sag basins present in north Africa. The main petroleum reservoir of the Murzuk is the upper Ordovician Memouniat Formation...
Technical Study
June 1, 2001
This study integrates geology, geochemistry, pressure, seismic, salinity and oil gravity data to deliver a full hydrogeologic evaluation of the Oriente Basin. The study focuses on...
Technical Study
June 1, 2001
West-Central AB
Specific objectives of this study were: 1. To map the thickness, distribution and rank of the Ardley coals and discuss the adsorbed gas contents as measured at specific wells. 2. To...
Technical Study
January 31, 2001
Foster Creek, AB
The scope of the study was to map the hydraulic head and water chemistry distributions in the major (non-Quaternary) aquifers in the study area. The aquifers evaluated were the Grand...
Technical Study
October 31, 1999
Swan Hills & Athabasca, AB
A potential control on oil quality in the vicinity of the Athabasca oilsands is the introduction of freshwater and bacteria causing bio-degradation. Increased inputs of freshwater should...
Technical Study
December 31, 2001
Pelican Lake, AB
This report summarizes the findings of a formation water characterization evaluation of the Viking, Grand Rapids, Wabasca, Wabamun, Grosmont, Nisku, Leduc and Granite Wash formations in the...
Technical Study
December 31, 1997
Noel, BC
A significant portion of the Cadomin Formation in the Bilbo area of west-central Alberta is within the "Deep Basin Gas Window". This study extends previous work into the Noel area of...
Technical Study
March 23, 2001
Nig/Stoddart, BC
This study evaluates the geology and hydrogeology of the Triassic Baldonnel Formation in the Jedney, Laprise Creek, Nig Creek, and West Stoddart areas of northeastern British Columbia. The...
Technical Study
December 31, 1999
Blueberry, Stoddart & Eagle, BC
RPCL’s Permo-Carboniferous hydrogeology study provides an exploration-oriented hydrodynamic and geologic evaluation of the Belloy, Taylor Flat, Kiskatinaw, and Debolt formations. Detailed...
Technical Study
August 31, 1995