Bullmoose, BC
Reservoir Water analyses of the Bullmoose a-100-C/93-P-3 well.
Technical Study
October 31, 2009
Tumbler Ridge, BC
Hydrogeological study of Mississippian to Triassic reservoirs to define a continuous gas system that may extend from the foothills gas pools, such as at Bullmoose, Sukunka and Grizzly, to...
Technical Study
January 31, 2010
AB & Northeastern BC
The Montney ‘tight gas’ play has become one of the hottest resource plays in the WCSB. Horizontal drilling and multi-stage frac technology have been key to unlocking the...
Technical Study
April 30, 2010
AB & Northeastern BC
The Montney Formation is composed of sedimentary facies that range from distal shoreface siltstones to shoreface-associated, very fine-grained sandstones, with numerous turbidite complexes...
Technical Study
September 30, 2008
AB & Northeastern BC
The Lower Triassic Montney Formation of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin was deposited in a structurally active basin, influenced by west coast aridity, easterly winds and...
Technical Study
March 13, 2009
West-Central AB
This study provides an in-depth overview of reservoir characterization, facies and structure, geochemistry, hydrodynamics, and petrophysics as pertains to the Montney Formation in Alberta....
Technical Study
November 30, 2012
Halkirk, AB
The Halkirk posting area lies between or overlies the Killam Barrier Reef on the east and the Stettler Leduc Reef to the west. The exploration activity for the Devonian intervals was...
Technical Study
April 30, 2010
Del Bonita, AB
Until recently, drilling in Del Bonita targeted oil pools in Rundle Group carbonates along a transverse fault. Recent exploration activity in Glacier County, Montana immediately south of...
Technical Study
April 14, 2010
Athabasca, Cold Lake & Peace River, AB
In order to appreciate the potential of oil sands in Canada, there are several regional settings that must be defined. The largest area of recognized oil sand development is the Athabasca...
Technical Study
May 31, 2009
Western Canada
This project provides visual information regarding numerous resource plays throughout the WCSB.
Technical Study
September 30, 2011