West-Central AB
January 31, 2001

Specific objectives of this study were: 1. To map the thickness, distribution and rank of the Ardley coals and discuss the adsorbed gas contents as measured at specific wells. 2. To determine the extent of the biogenic methane fairway in the Ardley Coal Zone, where current biogenic methane production will be at a maximum. To define the biogenic methane fairway, the most likely locations of recharge within the main Ardley Coal Zone were identified and temperature and water chemistry "comfort zones" for methanogenic bacteria in the Ardley Coal Zone were mapped. 3. Free gas migration patterns are impacted by water flow. The third objective was to analyze and map the hydrodynamic free gas migration pattern in the Ardley Coal Zone in order to identify structural and hydrodynamic trap locations. 4. By integrating the results from above, the most prospective regions within the study area for coalbed methane (CBM) exploitation were mapped.

West-Central AB
T30-64, R20W4-4W6