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Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) delivers innovative, client-driven E&P solutions since 1987. All products and services are delivered via three integrated divisions: Data, Intelligence and Expertise. For more about CDL, visit www.canadiandiscovery.com. The technical studies library, a product of CDL’s expertise division and Rakhit Petroleum Consulting Ltd. (RPCL), comprises Western Canada’s largest collection of integrated geoscientific projects.

Gather Intelligence. Evaluate Specific Opportunities.

Refine Your Exploration & Development Strategies.

Western Canada’s Largest Collection of
Integrated Geoscientific Projects

With over $30 million invested to date, the Technical Studies library represents a unique and invaluable resource for the E&P industry. All Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) and Rakhit Petroluem Consulting Ltd. (RPCL) non-confidential work is now available via online subscription and/or for individual purchase.
Rakhit Petroleum & Canadian Discovery

■ Hundreds of Relevant Projects – Extensive coverage of virtually every play and area across the WCSB, Williston Basin and beyond!
■ Varying Scope – Full petroleum systems and basin analysis, basin hydrogeology and petroleum migration modelling, unconventional resource play assessment and play-specific analysis.
■ Recognized Expertise – CDL is a long-standing leader in the identification and assessment of unconventional petroleum resources. Until 2005, when it purchased and merged with CDL, RPCL was a world-renowned, international hydrodynamics consultancy.

Unrivalled Technical Depth

■ Reservoir Characterization – stratigraphy, facies, core, SEM/XRD, cross-sections, isopach and structure maps
■ Petrophysics – models, interpreted logs, net reservoir, porosity, water saturation and resource maps
■ Hydrogeology – pressure, fluid chemistry, geothermics, hydraulic systems, edges, migration modelling
■ Geochemistry – TOC, Tmax, wet gas indices, liquids yields, acid gases, oil gravity/viscosity
■ Production – mapping, horizontal vs vertical, identification of perforated intervals
■ Geomechanics/Stress – fracture analysis, stress gradient mapping, drilling and completion analysis
■ Geophysics – interpretation, seismic model integration


Extensive Coverage Across the WCSB, Williston Basin, and Beyond!

Hot Plays and Topics
■ WCSB Gas Liquids & Light Oil Fairways
■ Basin Workshops and Overviews
■ Regional Atlases
■ Bakken / Three Forks / Midale
■ Cardium
■ Deep Basin
■ Duvernay / Muskwa
■ Montney / Doig
■ Viking

Resource Expertise
■ Tight Oil, Shale Oil
■ Tight Gas, Shale Gas
■ Deep Basin / Basin-Centered Gas
■ Pervasive Shallow Biogenic Gas Deposits
■ Coalbed Methane
■ Oil Sands / Heavy Oil
■ Conventional Oil & Gas

Try a Library Membership

Technical Studies icon CDL’s Library Membership provides an affordable and effective means for organizations to access the entire CDL and RPCL Technical Studies portfolio.

■ Unlimited Viewing* – of all CDL and RPCL non-confidential technical studies (report and deliverables)
■ New Content – the library is constantly growing with new content added continuously
■ Online Access – searchable online library, electronic alert service
■ Hard Copy Access – hard copy review at CDL’s offices, by prior arrangement
■ Purchase Discounts – 10% off on new studies (<2 years), 20% off on all other studies
■ Annual Subscription – unlimited company-wide corporate access
■ Also Available – access to CDL’s Digest/Spark research, technical analysis and reporting publications

*All technical studies are also available for individual purchase. Contact us for pricing details. A Full study purchase is required to download/print reports and to access working files/data.

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