East Meets West
June 13, 2018

Canadian Discovery Ltd. is pleased to announce Phase II of the South Duvernay Oil Play Project. For this phase we have teamed up with Graham Davies Geological Consultants Ltd. (GDGC), and with Enersoft Inc. to tackle some of these technically challenging issues, including:

  • Reservoir characterization, facies identification, petrology and stratigraphy (GDGC)
  • High resolution core spectroscopy, XRF and sedimentary texture scans (Enersoft)
  • Geology, petrophysics, reservoir and resource delineation
  • Geothermics, petroleum systems and hydrodynamics

Contact us for more information or view the brochure below.

Willesden Green–Cygnet/Twining, AB
T28-58, R18W4–10W5